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World Most Expensive T Shirt Brands

Nowadays, unlike in the old times when t-shirt was worn only when playing cricket or polo, t-shirt becoming a status symbol to own the most costly tees from top brand names in clothing world. For the high end lovers, here is the list of the top world most expensive...

Most Expensive T Shirts

We all know for sure that T shirts are mostly cheap and affordable, people generally choose it for casual wear. But it seems that there are some T-shirts around that are tagged with a heavy price. It’s not because labeled from famous brands makes it expensive, but...

Clothes Vocabulary List We Used To Say Everyday

Words of "Clothes Vocabulary" that we used to say on everyday conversation, here they are: abaya anorak apparel apron ascot tie attire Accessory Accolade Adjustment Adopt Advance Affect Affectation Allure Alteration Antique Appeal Applaud Applique Appraise Array...

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