Why you should wear Tees or T-Shirt to work

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Tees or T-Shirt and why you should wear it to work | Monkee Bali

T-Shirt or Tee is the billboard for your style, mood, hobby, interest, it’s a reflection of your self and here’s why it’s the perfect choice for everyone at the office:

1. Relationships

Hey, you are wearing a Bumble Bee T-Shirt, I just watch the new trailer of “The last knight” Dude it’s awesome. Isn’t it a great way to start a warm and friendly conversation between co-worker? new best friend?

2. Comfortable

What do you wear when you get home at night? most men will answer t-shirt, comfortable isn’t it? so why don’t you wear it to work?

3. Self Brand or message

What you wear, what you are. It can be dark or white. It can be funny or scary. It can be dotted or solid line. It can be plain and boring. It can be Buddha or Hitler. It can be everything or nothing. It can be Zero or Hero The possibilities are endless.

4. Together

Wearing t-shirts doesn’t change the fact that, some people in the office have more money, and some people less. At least by wearing a T-Shirt dimmed this highlight, reduce the intimidating envy, and gap cutter.

5. Affordable

I can buy, like 4 or 5 awesome t-shirts per month, no need to be dry-cleaned, must be pressed, special washing instructions, just pop one on and go. If you not a sales person who need to get an impression, why have to wear an expensive shirt and tie every day?

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